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“How To Create N1Million Naira (or More Per Month) Part Time Business Working From Your Home Starting With
Nothing …Just With“An Internet Connection, A Blog and A Simple Idea


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Here Are The 3 Keys To Own Your Success In Life!

If you want to be successful in life, there are THREE major secrets for turning your dreams and goals into reality
Listen, as I voice them out:

Secret #1: The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful. If you don’t have good models, find someone who is the best in your chosen field and emulate them. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – simply learn from the best. 

Secret #2: Ask someone who can help you. Whatever you want in life, someone has already discovered how to get it — and you want to figure out what they are doing right. Someone can likely save you time and pain with the knowledge they’ve gained in their own experiences, but understand that their time is valuable. First, figure out how you can help them, add value to their life, and then they will be more likely to help you. 

Secret #3: Success leaves clues. People who succeed consistently are not lucky; they’re doing something different than anyone else. They have a strategy that works, and if you follow their strategy and you sow the same seeds, then you’ll reap the same rewards. 

Now! Come & Learn How to Run a Successful Blogging Business Directly From: JoeOkoro, Rejoice Chikamnele &ChidiebereNwankwo: the three Professional Bloggers In Nigeria...

Dear Friend,

From the desk of: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J,

Time: 7.36am

Finally! The Three Outstanding Professional Bloggers & Internet Marketers of Nigeria:By Name: Joe Okoro, Rejoice Chikamnele –SirJ&ChidiebereNwankwo

Have decided to join hands & unleash all the sure guaranty ways to build, run & maintain a successful blogging business in Nigeria: to all their Students |Friends | Clients | Fans & Subscribers.


if you would like to learn how to become a Pro-Blogger, and be able to generate 6-figures every month from it, I have some good news for you.

Well, Let Me Not Speak About Myself Here… For Most Of My Subscribers Have Had Enough Of My Life Success Stories:

So! What Next?

It’s About My Wonderful Senior Colleague in This Industry: By name: Joe Okoro   Whom I See as the No.1 Professional Blogger in Nigeria: [He doesn’t Blog the way other Nigerians you know Blog...

He doesn’t have time for any Goggle Ad sense Account | Click Bank | etc… But makes Millions of Naira every month selling products & services in different market using nothing But: “An Internet Connection, A Blog and A Simple Idea

I’m going to get straight to the point.

Don’t skip a word and remember to take ACTION!

Do you know that 15 years ago Joe Okoro was a poor Secondary School teacher who earned a very low 4-figure income monthly [Just N8, 200 monthly salary].

Fast forward 15 years later, he has metamorphosed to a very successful blogger and internet marketer who now earns 7-figures in monthly income [Over N1million every single Month…].

You Doubt Me?

Here Are Some Video Income Proofs Of 7-Figure Monthly Income.

Click Here to See 4 Consecutive Months Where I Averaged N1.36million

Our transformation and financial success is actually a long story full of failures, upon failures, wasted resources, time, efforts as well as triumphs over the years.

Eventually, we were able to finally discover what works on the Internet when it comes to making a living...

What Works Is Publishing a Newsletter With a Simple Blog!

We have done this for several years and have succeeded in building 3 solid online businesses using a simple blog as a newsletter publication medium.

“The Most Secret To Our Success Revealed”

"There’s a proven system that makes you money all the time and will continue to work even in 100 years to come. Here it is:

If you want to make money online, start a content website (possibly a blog), regularly publish on it, build an email newsletter list as you publish, ask them what their problems are, source for the products and services which stand as a solution to those their problems and then sell to your readers, continue publishing, continue building your readership, and you will never worry about money"

But Listen Carefully…!

"When you publish, you must publish valuable and useful information that your readers will benefit from for FREE, when you do this for a while, you will eventually become an authority and the "Go To Guy" whenever anyone of them has problems"

Initially, your first income will be too small, but as your newsletter email list size grows, so will your income, both in credibility, and value as the market place skyrockets.

Make It All Back In One Month!

Now, let's talk about you. I obviously don’t know you down to an intimate level, but I am sure you fall into at least one of the categories below:


You don’t have a JOB and are currently looking for a profitable job, but you have not found one.
GOODYou are in DEBT and are looking for the fastest way to pay it fast.
GOOD You have a job, but the SALARY YOU ARE PAID is not enough for you to feed yourself and your family let alone feeding others.
You are looking for a PROFITABLE BUSINESS TO START, but you are yet to find one.
GOODYou are looking for CAPITAL TO LAUNCH A BUSINESS IDEA, but all the people you have contacted have turned their back on you.
GOOD You are a student who is finding it hard to pay his/her SCHOOL FESS AND OTHER NEEDED MATERIALS…
—-If You Belong To ANY Of The Groups Above, then you should pay careful attention to all the words on this page.


Whatever your dream is, we can show you a way of making it into reality.

How to Make That Dream Come True

Let’s show you:

  • How to work only two hours per day from home while watching DSTV the rest of the day and still make more money than most oil company workers.
  • How to automatically generate 3-5 times your current monthly salary without quitting your present job if you don’t want to.
  • How to create a part-time business system using the simplest of tools that generate amazing income so you can buy yourself time and money, plusfreedom which these businesses have been responsible in making at least N1million on the average every month.

    Over the years, we have created a compilation of the strategies and processes that makes this system work. In fact, we have fine-tuned it to perfection such that anyone who has access to it, and puts it to action is guaranteed results.

    These strategies and processes have been converted to an intense video training on how you can use a simple blog to replicate my success in your life.

    And yes, for just a token of N300 as a training fee every day done for a consecutive 30 days, I will hand over to you the EXACT secret on how to use this same system to earn a minimum of N5,000 or more every day, for the rest of your life. [Not just for 30 days that you will use to learn the system].

    N300 per day for 30 days translates to N9, 000 only for the hardcore training, strategies and processes, as well as one-on-one coaching from two advanced giants7-figure bloggers and Internet marketers.

Have you noticed that most people who do businesses online today both in Nigeria and elsewhere own a blog and that these blogs are huge income generators?

In fact, many Nigerian youths today now earn a full time living using a simple blog website.

Some popular celebrity Nigerian blogs need no introduction.
Blogs like...

All of these blogs generatemultiple millions of Naira for the owners every single month and year.

Here Are More Facts About Blogging and
Why You Should Own A Blog...

  1. 6.7 million People blog on blogging sites and 12 million people blog via social networks.
  2. 23% of Internet time is spent on blogs and social networks.
  3. Bloggers between the ages of 21 and 35 dominate blogging, totaling more than 53%.
  4. Blogs can assist you with the effective promotion of a service or product.
  5. More than 60% of U.S. online consumers say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of reading a blogger’s recommendation.
  6. Blogs are the most valuable type of content, according to more than 2/3rd of today’s marketers.
  7. Business-to-Business marketers who blog gain a 67% increase in lead generation over their peers that don’t.
  8. Websites with Blogs have 434% more indexed pages (helps search engines & SEO efforts) and 97% more inbound links.
  9. Blogs can speak for your brand.
  10. Blog posts that were shared on Twitter and Facebook got 149% more inbound links than those not shared on social media at all.
  11. Blogs can give you credibility and authority.
  12. Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines.
  13. Blogging builds TRUST.
  14. Most people read blogs more than once per day. And out of that 90% of these people read 5-10 blogs.

Do You Know That...?

"65% of Daily Internet Users Read Blogs.
It Could Be YOUR Blog If You Make It Easy
for Them to Find It"

The question is...

How can you build a money making blog that can help you to live your dream Lifestyle?

The answer or rather the solution lies in the Advanced Blog Cash System

We Have Got Proof That Our Training | Products & Services Work and Is The Best.




Below Are Recent Few Testimonies From Students Of: [ Joe Okoro ].













Below Are Recent Few Testimonies From Students Of: [ RejoiceChikamnele&ChidiebereNwankwo ].







Do You Still Have More Doubt?

Then, Watch Out For This Live Few Copied Testimonies Of What The Students At The VIP Internet Income Empowerment Training By: Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J Say:






You Don’t take ours & that of our students words for it? Then here are what top expert Internet Gurus Of Nigeria have been saying:

#Guru 1

A-PATRICK-OGIDE-GURU-1-TESTIMONYMy Advice: – “If you want to succeed in your based business, then get a mentor who is worth his/her salt, practice what they teach. Rejoice Chikamnele , Joe Okoro&ChidiebereNwankwo are three best mentors whom I can recommend with confidence & that’s not because they have undoubting ability to create 6-7 figure online income earning, but they also get stuff to help newbies & anyone who has been trying to make a living online without success to be on the right  path and make it Big Online .


#Guru 2


Without any doubt of mind, I hereby recommend Rejoice Chikamnele-Sir J & Joe Okoro as the top silent young men in  internet marketing I know in Nigeria that are not only making money,  but have built a very good reputation for their names, businesses & companies. They are the people you can listen to when it comes to making money online and you will never regret ever taking them as mentors.  Listen to them day & night and say good bye to financial worry. Remain Blessed All.

Onome Maureen

#Guru 3

I have known Joe Okoro& Rejoice Chikamnele for many years now. They are reputable money makers in Nigeria. I recommend this Advanced Blog Cash System Course to anybody who wants to make a sustainable income from his/her business, company, website or blog. Learn from the giant masters now and say good bye to your blog/website wahala.



#Guru 4

A-ADETUNJI-GBOLAGADE-GURU-PICTUREEveryone can claim to make money online, but only few know that making Money Online is all about getting the right information, but the right information can be very useless when it comes at the inappropriate time. In short, making money Online is about getting the right information from the right source at the right time… Rejoice Chikamnele,  JoeOkoro&ChidiebereNwanlkwo are friends, colleagues & Pioneers of many internet business models that work here in Nigeria. You had better learn from them fast as you have the chance.


I know Rejoice Chikamnele& Team as an expert when it comes to making legit income online | Web Development | Direct Marketing & Website Traffic Generating. With good reputation to their names, they have lots of students & followers. I truly recommend this product to the whole world and will advise you to listen to whatever he has for you.


I Can Go On And On But…
Sorry! That’s The Limit Our Space Can


Here is exactly what you’ll learn In 4 Modules
of the Advanced Blog Cash


The 13weeks Advanced Giant Blog Cash Training On How To Make N100,000 On Your First Month Of Blogging...Then Keep Growing & Expanding From There… 

Module #1 - The Concept of Blogging

A BLOG module-1

Inside this Module, you will learn...

  • The exact blueprints to make N50k - N90k your first Month as a starter blogger.
  • The current strategies that bloggers of today use in gaining attention and monetizing it fast.
  • Why blogging for cash using this system will always work even for a complete newbie.
  • The features of blogs that make money today and why knowing them is vital for your success.
  • Discover the niches where 95% of the money is made, and how to ascertain your blog will be successful before you start.
  • Why many bloggers now make 7-figures using the blog cash system.
  • And so on...

Monetary Value For Module #1 = N2,500


Module #2 - Tools of the Trade

A BLOG module-2

Inside this Module, you will learn...

  • The 3 tools you must have before you can start a successful blog.
  • How to choose the right hosting company that has 99.99% uptime [Cpanel hosting is best for this].
  • An overview of domain names and hosting needed for a successful blogging career.
  • How to create your own hosting account, register a domain name.
  • A tour guide on Cpanel revealing all the applications needed for blogging.
  • A video training on email creation using your name on your domain.
  • A view of the best CMS for blogging for cash.
  • How to install, customize, and optimize the best CMS for blogging for cash.
  • What email autoresponders are, and how to choose the best for your blog.
  • And so on...
Monetary Value For Module #2 = N3,500


Module #3 - Blog Cash System Set Up

A BLOG module-3

Inside this Module, you will learn...

  • The complete set up process of a cash sucking blog.
  • The exact steps for creating email autoresponder forms.
  • How to plant a list building element on your blog so that you can capture, build a raving fans of readers.
  • How to using your CMS to publish newsletters on your blog.
  • How to use automated email follow ups to sustain interest, and convert that to cash.
  • And so on...
Monetary Value For Module #3 = N4,500


Module #4 - How To Make N50,000 Your First Month

A BLOG module-4

Inside this Module, you will learn...

  • Where to get products to sell to your blog readers.
  • How to use Social media to drive thousands of visitors to your blog.
  • The exact process to build your first 500 subscribers.
  • How to use automated email series to convert up to 5% to purchase your products in your first 30 days.
  • How to structure and execute an email promo that generates a windfall of cash for you.
  • An analysis of the profit potential of this method and how it can generate over N70,000 the first month when properly executed.
  • And so on...
Monetary Value For Module #4 = N4,000


Module #5 - Scaling Up To N500,000 or More Per MonthABLOGmodule-5

Inside this Module, you will learn...

  • What a blog product funnel is [Not what you think].
  • The exact process to execute a product funnel that creates several income streams from the same blog.
  • How to use email automation to sell and give you full control of your business.
  • How to semi-automate a blog publication schedule and make 10x a 5-figure income.
  • How to earn more money from fewer customers.
  • A list of all the components that ensures a regular 6-figure income from the blog cash system.
  • And so on...
Monetary Value For Module #5 = N5,500

Bonus Training

One Month Intensive Coaching
You will have access to me for 30-days while you're going through this training and you can ask me any questions at all. I will be with you all the way. But this is available to you if you're among the first batch of people who take advantage of this training.

Bonus Value = N50,000


In all you're getting 5 intensive video Modules from 15 minutes to 35 minutes with a total of over 2 hours of video time. So you only need to spend just 2 hours plus few minutes to consume this training.


Then This Is What You Shall Stand To Get On the 15weeks Advanced Giant Blog Cash Training On How To Make N100,000On Your First Month Of Blogging...Then Keep Growing & Expanding From There… 

Here’s the content of the workshop:

Module 1, Week One:

Market Research and Analysis - Finding Your Audience

How to do an in-depth research and find out niche markets that you can function in and do very well.

Module 2, Week Two:

Professional Blog Set Up Process

How to use the WordPress platform to set up a blog, including how to get and install free professional themes, and customization for your blog. Make your blog search engine friendly, and settings to enhance friendly web experience.

Module 3, Week Three:

Posting Contents On Blog

How to post articles on your blog. How to create Pages, how to upload images, and include hyperlinks to your blog.

Module 4, Week Four 4.

How To Research And Write Award Winning Blog Articles

The research processes to write and launch classic articles that will have your readers AWED at your content and clinging on every word from you. This article writing process will make your readers open and read every email you send out.

Module 5, Week Five:

Tools To Automate Social Sharing Of Your Articles

How to embed social media sharing tools (apps) on your website and automate sharing of your contents with people who are targeted to your content. Just like a tell a friend. This method alone adds 1000 people to our list for free every month without advertising.

Module 6, Week Six:
Setting Up Your Email Management Software

How To Set Up An Email Autoresponder System to automate all your email follow ups. Including queue up messages for broadcast, and adding follow up automated emails.

Module 7, Week Seven:

How To Use Stories To Build Relationships, Sell your products, all automated in your email Autoresponder follow up 
Discover how to use email stories to engage and build a solid relationship with your readers, without selling to them all the time.

Module 8, Week Eight:
How To Create Simple Information Products

Discover Amazing ways to create simple 15 - 25 page information reports that you can sell for N2500 - N4000. Including how to convert to PDF using free software online.

Module 9, Week Nine:

Setting Up A Simple Mini Website To Sell Your Products

Find out how to use FrontPage to set up a simple one page website to sell your product in 30 minutes or less.

Module 10, Week Ten:

What To Write On Your Sales Page To Sell Your Products

A simple plan on how to structure what to write on your sales page with all the contents you need to get your readers to rush your product. Included is also how to get testimonials for your product. 

Module 11, Week Eleven:

How To Set Up Successful Adverts On Facebook.

Discover the exact types of adverts that bring in 600 - 850 subscribers per day on Facebook, Adwords etc. Including how to pay $0.01 - $0.02 per targeted click.

 Module 12, Week Twelve:

List-Building Course

How to find and build a targeted list of fans and most importantly buyers who will spread the word about your business and buy from you anytime you make them an offer.

Module 13, Week Thirteen:
Monetising Your Lists and Making HUGE Pay Days Per Month!

Discover tricks I use to increase my earnings and have huge pay days and weeks that bring in a quick cash rush of N300,000 - N800,000 every month from "Mini - Promotions"

So, that in a nutshell is a breakdown of what I will show you in the coming weeks.

When You Sign Up, Every Week You Get The Training Course Meant For That Week, As It Is Listed Above …

Why have we arranged it so?


It’s to your own benefit!

Instead of putting everything together and dumping it on you all at once which may confuse you (and there’s a lot that will confuse you in learning this business if you’re new), I decided to simply show you what to do, one step at a time.

You do the first thing this week, and then next week, you do the second thing, third week the third thing and so on…

So week, by week, you do one activity that takes you surely and steadily towards your desired goal, with full confidence that you will get the result you are looking for.

Wouldn’t you like to have the same success as they do?

Who wouldn’t?

Here’s How to Get the Advanced Blog Cash + its 13weeks Advanced Giant Blogging Training.

Your investment for admission into the Advanced Blog Cash + its 13weeks Advanced Giant Blogging Training is a small =N=9,000. This will go up to =N=15,000 after one week, and then =N=17,500 at the start of the third week.

Immediately the third week ends, the class will close and there will be no further admissions.

If you delay, you lose.

Why =N=9,000?

If you do attend a seminar on this topic, you could easily pay only =N=5,000 but two things will happen:

1. You will be there with 100 other people struggling to hear what the speaker is saying, and you will not.

What’s more?

Most of the speakers who charge =N=5,000 for their “trainings” are what I call "pretend experts". Pretend experts are people who claim to know what they are teaching, yet cannot even explain anything in depth because they don’t know!

Most importantly, there’s hardly anything you can learn in a one-day seminar, because there’s no time! When you attend a seminar like that, nothing is explained in detail, and you will be with more questions than answers and feeling bad that your money has been wasted.

2. The “Advanced Blog Cash”  + the 13 FULL weeks Advanced Giant Blogging Training . Is like one in-depth seminar per week for 13 weeks! Imagine if you were paying =N=5,000 per week for 13 weeks, it would have cost you at least =N=65,000!

I could have charged exactly that amount, =N=65,000 and still have you get it. But I’m letting you just sign up for only =N=9,000, meaning you enjoy…

ASavings of =N= 9,000!

Think about that.

Would you rather spend your money to fail or invest it to succeed? I know you’re smart and will choose the latter option. So the ball is in your court.

If you want to go waste your time, go on ahead. Go for the =N=5,000 seminars.

If you’re serious about building a real business, and learn from a real expert, enroll for this course right now!

And to show you I have every confidence that your enrolling for this course is the best decision you’ll ever make this year, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is by giving you…

A Never-Before-Seen “Double-Your-Money-Back” Guarantee

Here’s what my double-your-money-back guarantee means:

I want you to go ahead and enroll for this course. Try it out for the first three weeks. If at the end of the third week, you do not feel that what you have learnt up to that point will benefit your life in any way, if you think that it won’t add even one extra kobo into your life, simply let me know before the end of that week and I will not only refund your payment IN FULL, I will also give you an extra 100% of what you paid, just to say “Sorry for wasting your time”.

That’s how confident I am that this course can change your finances.

So don’t waste any more time...

Here is How to Join the Training Now...

Here’s How To Enrol for The Course Now!

Here’s How To Enrol for The Course Now!

To take advantage of this Advanced Giant Blog Cash  Course & Training, walk into any UBA, First Bank, GTBank and pay in the sum of N9,000( Advanced Giant Blog Courses & Training  Registration Fee) using the bank details below:
Pay/Transfer/Deposit = N9,000   Into Our Registered Company Corporate Bank Account to ensure 100% safety of your money

Bank Name=  UBA  BANK

Account Name =   SA Planner Tech

Account No= 1019784167




Account Name =  SA Planner Tech

Account No= 2029787485 

OR Pay Into any

Account Name =  Rejoice Chikamnele
Account No=  0161036879

 NOTE:  After making the payment, please send your payment details As
SMS to: 08032439765, 07084869575
OR Send an Email to :[}


( "Paid For The Advanced Blog Cash System")

The payment details that you have to send are:

1. Your Full Name.
2. Your Active Email address.
3. Amount Paid.
4. The Bank You Paid Into.
5. The Teller Number You Used To Pay In The Bank.
6. Your Phone Number.
7. Date Paid.

Once your payment is confirmed, you will get the Advanced Blog Cash Course + the first week training within the next 24 hours in your email box.

Are You Still Thinking About Joining?

Look, you never know what may happen tomorrow:

If you have a job now, you could be retrenched tomorrow. I mean I don’t pray you get retrenched, but because you and I know that in life, nothing is guaranteed and nothing lasts forever. If it happens, what will you do then?

How will you take care of your family? How will you pay your bills? Without another source of income, you are going to

Be In Trouble!

So, the wise thing now: Enroll for the “Advanced Giant Blogging Training” now and create a different, steady guaranteed source of income. One you can control.

Your destiny is on your hands. Seize it!

Sincerely yours,

Rejoice Chikamnele – Sir J, Joe Okoro&ChidiebereNwankwo

Call us on 08072745629, 08020945882
(8am - 6pm only) SMS 24/7

P.S. Remember my double-your-money-back guarantee. If by the third week you decide this training cannot help you add even an extra kobo into your pocket, or bank account, then simply let me know and I will pay you back double what you paid to join.